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Exactly! Looks like you're the chosen one for this. :)

Exactly! Looks like you're the chosen one for this. :)

Yes, but it doesn't have a recall button, also your devices look better ^^

Great, now how about a MSSIAH monosynth controller? :)

TY, working perfectly!!

That was fast. Everything problem I mentioned was fixed and is working perfectly now, including colors. TY!

Hi Icaro, very nice editor. I like the clean look and the additional options like Vibrato Mod Speed. Also finally someone adding a SendAll button - Every editor should have this! This will be my new Rocket editor.

A few minor problems that I noticed:

- The Local Off doesn't seem to work here or I'm doing seomthing wrong. If activated I can still change all parameters on the Rocket itself.

- The other Rocket editor here on works bi-directional if the Session Recording is armed which is quite handy.

- The text color of the sections (OSC, ENV etc.) are white on green when used with a dark skin like 'Disco'. Ok, that one is easy fix :)


One more little thing I noticed: If used with a dark Live theme like 'Disco' the color of some elements changes to grey, lacking contrast to the background. OC it was easy to fix but you might consider it in future versions. :)

Great device! One thing though: It would be great to have a recall button because often after I've loaded a live set I have to set every dial and switch in the device to another value and then back to its original value to get the original sound back. A recall button could just bang every one of them with one click.

Yep, I asked for a recall button because often after reloading a live set I have to tune every switch and knob one time to get the original setting back. A recall button would do just that by banging everyone of them for one time.

Looks great, Thank you!

How about a recall button? :)

Very nice, TY! How about a recall button?

Oh OK, just noticed that the device is working bi-directional, which is great. TY again.

Great device, TY, especially for the recall button.

How about a switch for the Local Off-function on the Rocket?