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thanks - unfortunately i wouldn't know where to start with Max - I'm only at the stage where I use the devices - I'll check out the standalone versions though - thanks!

Hi there - this is a fantastic contribution - thank you.

Managed to get up and running easily and most functions appear to be working correctly.

The only thing that didn't appear to be working correctly was the "time knob" - when I turned it up on the max for live device it actually turns the time value down on the Strymon and vice versa - i.e. the direction appears to be flipped?

From my quick test of the other knobs, they all appeared to be working correctly.

Any thoughts?

The only other thing to mention is that when I turn the time knob in the Strymon it actually makes the knob in the max for live device turn in the correct directly i.e. turning the strymon time knob up makes the max for live knob go up...

hey this is a great contribution so thanks for sharing.

i have managed to get 1 way communication going - in the sense that if i change a parameter in the max for live device it changes the setting on synth.

However, I'm not able to receive the current patch from the synth into the max for live editor. I thought that if I were to enter a patch on the matrix 1000 then that patch's info would be sent to the max for live editor - but it doesn't seem to be working.

Is this possible? When you describe the device as having 2 way communication I thought that this would be possible - but let me know if not.

FYI I'm using Live 64 bit and the UDP bridge. Also when I change a patch on the Matrix 1000 the UDP bridge flashes to show that data is being received - it just doesn't seem to get translated to the max for live editor

hi jeroen - still the same result unfortunately - midi ports not updating...

hi jeroen - just downloaded the file again and tried the midi port list but still had the same issue unfortunately - same list of midi ports comes up as before... let me know if there's anything else i should do

Hi there

I have exactly the same questions as alexalex above... don't understand the juno router / max run time step... any help would be much appreciated...


Hi! I'm new with M4L...
I own a Juno 106 and i've downloaded this patch but can't get to make it work...

First thing : How do I launch the JunoRouter in Max Runtime??
I see that I have Max Runtime in my application but what is the "JunoRouter"? What do I need to do to launch it in the Max Runtime app?? I've read in a post here that the JunoRouter is frozen in this download...what does that mean?

Btw, where can I see witch version of the patch i've downloaded?

Plz help!!


hi jeroen - this is awesome - thank you for putting together and sharing - unfortunately I can't get the midi interface port step to work - when I click on the drop down menu, the following list appears:

Session 1
Session 2
Launchpad Launchpad
Elektron TM-1 Elektron TM-1
from MAX/MSP 1
from MAX/MSP 1

...none of which are midi interfaces that I have... and none of my own MIDI interfaces appear... which means I can't select the MIDI interface that I use for my TX81Z

could you let me know if I'm missing something here?

would be amazing to have this working!!