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PS : it s something related to the ROLI seaboard - when playing the bass from another MIDI controller (the Oxygen 49, a non MPE controller), there doesn't seem to be any conflict between devices, I can play both the drums and bass at the same time. hmmmm - might drop the ROLI seaboard for the moment since your looper is such an asset

just encountered the first bug haha. I m trying to use two instances of the device at the same time (I have a hybrid drumming setup where I play both an Alesis Samplepad and a Roli Seaboard Block at the same time). The problem is that the device that s set on the drums stops transmitting MIDI notes after a few moments of playing both the bass and the drums. The device only works briefly again after restarting the set.

Do you by any chance have some troubleshoot idea ? :)

this device right here is a total banger. love it, currently working on a (mostly) MIDI live looping setup and was getting really frustrated with some of Live s awkwardness when using a clips only workflow. This device + touchOSC on an Ipad (+ the fact that it seems to be super bug free) came as a ray of light in my whole endeavour. Genuinely thanks a lot for this.

Now, for the inevitable feature request, haha - do you plan on adding MPE support at any point in the future / could you give me some pointers towards implementing this functionality ?