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Crashes Live. I guess it is the undo history that is causing it. Please update!!!

And really nice would be if the editor updates when turning the real knobs.

Hi, what are the chances of introducing a custom preset list?

And with some parameters ist woud be great to know the actual values. Eg Oscillator Type. I know there could be 16 but still, maybe with buttons. For custom Oscillators you could type the name. Also for the internal settings? ( No midi implementation here? ) Same with Delay, Filter type....

Hi, is it possible that this utillity is crashing Live after a while? Maybe to many undo commands or something? Anybody else have experienced that? Thx.

Works very well! Thanks.

I was wandering if it would be possible to create some routing where you can feed the output of an Effect Rack back into the same Effect. Really an Input device that you can target by the outitst. Thx.

Hey, what about a midi through switch.
And min/max range for triggerig FX by key value.

Hey, any update to this device? It seems broken in Live 10.