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Cool, but... my reKon audio VST-AU Lead 2 Editor ( software already does all this, and it works in all the major VST/AU based DAW hosts out there. It also does not require M4L when used in Live. Yours only works with M4L and Live. Of course, yours is free though. So, that's a bonus for M4L + Lead 2x users I suppose, and it is kind of you to have shared your work.

Also, be prepared to deal with the Clavia Music litigation team for using the actual Nord Lead logo. I went through hell with Clavia just over the name of the editor (I originally named mine the VST Nord Lead Editor without using their logo) and they contacted me about it to change it. I also had similar issues with Access Music when I released the VST Virus Editor back in 2006. Be very careful that the graphics and names you use on your products are not already used or protected by copyright laws!