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Although I was planning on updating this device, the latest version of M4L (v2.1, which came with Live 8.2.2) has a great nodes-based device that does the same thing as this device, but much better.

Check the 'Max Api SendsXnodes' device in Audio Effects > Max Audio Effects > Tools > API - it's great!

Hi dblondin, thanks for the feedback and suggestions. My main computer is out of action for repairs at the moment, but I'll definitely see what I can come up with when it's up and running again.

Can you describe what sort of crossfading behaviour would you like to see? Do you mean that you would prefer both front left and right speakers to be at full volume when panning is set in the middle (as opposed to a drop as soon as panning moves away from one of the corners)?

Great to hear that it's working for you! If you have any bugs or suggestions for changes, I'd love to hear about them.

Hi john. OSCulator will communicate well with this device, but it will probably require some changes in the patch so the values you're sending are meaningful.

In OSCulator, change the parameter of your choice to 'OSC routing' in the Event Type drop down list and the Value to 'Default: localhost:12345' (you may need to set the port number by adding a localhost OSC Route in the Parameters menu.

When I have a chance, I'll update the way this device recognises OSC, to make it easier to work with different signals.