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Hi ndivuyo, thanks for sharing this!

I also edited this and added midin object connected to midiout object so that the midi info passes through to the instrument.


First off, thanks for the sharing this.

Ok, it does work in Ableton 9 and Max for Live 7.3.4, but I am seeing the similar behavior as Spin posted.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Make sure there are no midi clips running on the target track
2. Add Shaper to the target midi track with instrument and map a parameter.
3. Disable Sync and change from Trig to Env.
- At this point the jit.pwindow shows the correct automation, and the parameter is moving accordingly
4. Start a midi clip or send a midi note to the track
- At this point the jit.pwindow shows still shows the correct automation, but the actual automation only triggers on notes from that point on and when the note off is triggered the parameter is set to the middle value.

I am new to Max for Live but will attempt to dig deeper into it with the editor if I can.


Sorry, forgot to add Max for Live Version 7.3.4.


Hi, will this work with Ableton 9?