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actually, has anyone else been having problems with this device? Ableton crashes on me all the time at start up and shut down with me. Frequently when I quit a set with this device in it, ableton spits out an error message saying "Ableton live quit unexpectedly"... which it didn't. anyone else?

hmmm not sure what to tell you fellas (unless of course you're ladies, but typically this music geekery is left to the gents)...

So long as I drag an instance of monomeemu into the session view first and then drag LCC in it works fine.

My typical step by step is simply:

-open new set
-drag monomeemu from device browser to session
-drag in LCC
-set monomeemu to autoconfig
-press LP1 in monomeemu twice (launchpad does a cool little light up thing from the bottom right to the top left :p )
-set LCC to Auto Configuration (on the right side of the LCC device view)... after setting up the LP in monomeemu, LCC now lists "monomemu1"
-press the big "LCC" oval on the left of LCC's device view

and then it works....

Dunno what else to tell you. I'm running live 8 on os x 10.6

It works with launchpad via monomeemu.

I'm still figuring out all the kinks, but its working pretty well so far.

I wish you could save patterns so that you could stop them and play them back later. Also, once a pattern is looping, the only way to mute it is by taking the track volume down to zero.