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This device is FANTASTIC. It is easily one of the best max for live devices I have ever used....

Is there any way to allow for 4 macros to be mapped, instead of only 2?? That would take this to the next level!

I can't wait to see what more you do with this device, it's made some of my drums come alive.

Nice! I'm just searching around for the best of best M4L plugs and yours are looking really good man. My only concern using clippers is the aliasing issues in a lot of the distortion can introduce. How does this manage that, does it have oversampling / some kind of protective filter?

As you previously mentioned, turning down the highs is another way around it. Personally I don't theres anything bad about cutting above 10-15k anyways - it's why we all think vinyl sounds so good! :-)

Looks very cool. I just picked it up yesterday and will try it. Was curious to see if it had the sidechain and it does! good stuff

Just bought this to see my drum transients before using dynamics or saturation to analyze it. Unfortunately it doesn't go slow enough to see it