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First the + :
- nice sound (of course nothing but the PaulStretch’s sound, but still).
- fast to get the stretched sound (not the PS’s best point).
- reverse, good idea. In fact that’s the main reason why I bought your Stretcher.

but now the - :
- NO STOP/PAUSE ?????? Of course I can try to integrate one myself, although I have failed to notice the way at first glance. But still, a stop/pause button...
- let’s say you’re in the middle of a gig, of a “performance”, how would you know in advance the duration of the sound, of the sequence of notes, of the pattern you aim to stretch ??????
-> actually, duration set to 1s, factor to 1000, blur to 100%, that’s a nice freeze. But as a guitar player playing live, I can’t use it as a stretching tool.
But maybe I missed something ???