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Works great using the ALP and included AMX version.

Trying to update the rating on Gumroad, but the site is being stupid at the moment with a seemingly infinite loop of "select all squares with..."

May 23rd, 2023
Edgar Gumstein
123 Gum Road
San Francisco, TX 76182
United States
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Paramcounter - note-counting ramdomiser for Max for Live!
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Live 11.3.2- No option to map to anything. Output Value field stuck with 0. Doesn't respond to input. Count field doing the same. I can't seem to make the device do anything whatsoever. Was excited to use it too.

I've been looking for a visual metronome for my current DAW ala' the old "Big Time" feature found standard in Cakewalk Sonar over a decade ago. A simple visual count on the screen in a big font which can be dragged to another screen if needed. THANK YOU for developing what Ableton and Logic STILL have not, for whatever reason. It's not needed often, but when it's there, it's super helpful! As in when recording live sound sources with good mics and you don't want to turn up the headphones too loud. Thanks!