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MIDI Monopoly Fixed Version 1.0.1

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This is awesome! I only wish it could also "map" an output to a parameter of a VST, so that I could also pitch audio tracks, for example by attaching it to the Pitch knob of a plugin like Waves Vocal Bender.

For anyone who comes across this device in the future, I have released a version that fixes the bug where it doesn't save its parameters:

And to the author: you are free to steal that fixed device (or apply the fix yourself based on the instructions in the description) and upload it as a new version of this one, and I will delete it.

After all the devices I tried to get this effect, this was the only one that worked perfectly.

Except... it resets after reloading my set :(

I may have figured it out - I'm not quite sure why, but if I add a slight break between the chords in the MIDI progression, it seems to work fine. But without this device on, it plays fine even when they're overlapping, so it doesn't seem to be a problem with the number of voices on my instrument (Arturia Piano V2).

Actually, it even happens with a ms delay of 0.

Thanks for making this, it looks awesome! Unfortunately, it seems to be having some bug - it's hard to say exactly what it is, but after playing a sequence of chords, the third chord ends up sometimes only playing the bass note. This only happens with ms delays of not 0. The progression plays fine without this before it. Any help (or alternative suggestions) would be appreciated!