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Also thought I should add - I'm mapping directly to the synth controls, not through the rack Macro controls. If I don't do this then on patch load in the synth I don't get any update on the BCR dials.

e.g. - I map filter to dial 1.

If I load a patch on synth with direct mapping, the BCR updates.

If I load the patch with filter mapped through a macro, neither the macro or the BCR update. :(

So it's essential for this set that I map the BCR2000controlMIDI directly to the synth parameters.

Hi! Thanks for making this script - I'm really excited about the possibilities. I'm having a bit of trouble adding it to my set - it's weird I seem to be losing the mapping if I use the 'instrument rack' style you recommend in the 2nd video.

If I select any other chain in the rack I lost my mapping - very strange. Selecting other tracks doesn't seem to effect it, but it's pretty weird. Do you get anything similar?

Thought the 'blue hand' might be interfering but I disabled it and nothing changed.

Just in case I'm not being clear - to replicate:
1. Make instrument in rack - synth goes in chain 1
2. Add new chain for BCR2000controlMIDI
3. Map BCR2000controlMIDI to synth in chain 1
4. Select chain 2 with BCR2000controlMIDI in it
5. Mapping is gone! :(

The BCR2000controlMIDI still shows mapping but if nothing works - MIDI does not control parameters.

Any tips on fixing this would be much appreciated! If I place BCR2000controlMIDI on another track I don't get the problem - but if I select anything else on the instrument rack it breaks the mapping.

Live 9.1.1, and latest (I hope) version of your script from main download folder.

Made an a/c just to say thanks for sharing this! So useful and I dunno why Ableton never included one, slackers.