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Hello again. I didn't think to try Apeks method which he mentions as follows for the NL2.

"I've just had a breakthrough - i sent the dump from the actual keyboard rather than clicking the button on the max for live editor and it worked!"

That should do the trick instead of using the plugin to initiate the transfer. I'll give it a shot.


Oh and one more thing! Are the layer slot letters suppose to change when I select them in Ableton? The patch numbers and most of the other parameters change on my NL2x, but I have to physically change the layer or slots on both the synth and Ableton. Not a problem, but thought I'd ask since it's not consistent with the rest of the plugin. Thanks. - Jim

By the way, the mutator or random function in this plugin alone is AWESOME! I am getting so many cool sounds and ideas now. I really like how you separated the mutator sections instead of changing all parameters which usually results in patches that are not musical. The plugin allows me to dial in better the exact areas I wish to mutate. I wish the Nord Lead 4 did this, although it does have five mutation degrees which is similar.

Thanks again.


I can confirm that this plugin works great with the Nord Lead 2x. I then tried it with my Nord Lead 2 and it wouldn't work properly.

Patch Dump Request:

"pack 240 51 15 4 14 0 247" - This worked but the filters or envelopes were tampered with and thus the patch did not sound identical. I presume this is because I'm using a NL2x request sysex string instead of an NL2.

So ...

I then edited the plugin and tried the following as instructed in the NL2 manual.

"pack 240 51 15 4 0 0 247"

This time no patch was dumped to the plugin at all. This means either the sysex string ( thus manual ) is incorrect OR there is another parameter that needs to be changed in the plugin.

In any event, I can at least confirm that the Nord Lead 2 DOES NOT work with this plugin. Only the 2x which was the developers original intention anyways. So all is fine.

Thanks very much for the excellent plugin.