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it wasn't really designed with that use case in mind - in this implementation (in order to add a minimal latency for any given range setting) the mean delay time changes as you turn the range knob.

also i made the choice to use a buffered recording of pink noise as a workaround so that when notes arrive simultaneously (ie a chord) they can be given different delay values. this was a behaviour i desired for musical reasons, rather than something that the research justified, but the slight sacrifices made in achieving it don't spoil the coherence that makes the timing errors 'human'.

i put the range-related calculations before the buffer for simplicity / because i hadn't considered your use case, but it would be trivial for you to move those objects to a point after the buffer read in the signal chain. also: to get it to behave how you want you should make it add (100 - range) to every delay value to keep the mean delay fixed as you turn the knob.