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eRKa, thanks for your interest and purchase! Don't hesitate to get in touch with me (e-mail). All best.

Jules, thanks for your feedback, questions, and purchase, merci !
- when you mention a "stop/pause" function: if it's about the recording time, i.e. being able to hit "record" then "stop" at any time, instead of a set duration, this is indeed not possible with this version of the tool. To implement such a "flexible duration" version, we would start with an arbitrary "maximum duration", then re-dimension the recording once stopped (or just ignore the un-recorded part of the buffer). I chose indeed to include only a fixed duration in this device.
- one way to work in live situations is to use a duration time "slightly longer" than what you think you might need, then use the different controls to replay just the "valid" part of what you recorded. Otherwise, one can also play with the limitations of the device: in live situations, if you miss a little bit of sound at the beginning or end of the recording, the stretched sounds might still make musical sense - I guess it depends on the musical context.
- indeed, it can be used as a freeze, either with high stretching factor, or with the "freeze" button.
I really hope you will find a good use for the device!

Thanks for your comments and interest.
The sample is not saved in the Live session and not recalled when re-opening it.
For sure some pitch shifting could be added, if you have some experience with Max, and don't mind the additional CPU load. For this device, I decided to keep the design focused on time stretching, though, "à la paulstretch". So the device does not include pitch shifting or other effects: if you need further processing, you will use another device downstream.
I hope that helps.