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OK ignore my last comment, figured out how to get it working in windows xp.

1. Install Midi Yoke and MidiOX
2. Connect juno 106 to midi device (but don't connect midi device to computer yet!)
3. Start Ableton, insert Juno Control
4. Insert Ext. Instrument after Juno Control, route to MidiYoke1 (ensure this is enabled in config/preferences)
5. Start Juno Router with Max Runtime, route to MidiYoke1
6. Connect Midi device to computer.
7. Start MidiOX. Go to options, midi devices and enable monitoring for midiyoke1 IN and Midi Device OUT.
8. Go to view, port routings. right click - disconnect all. route midiyoke1 IN to midi device OUT. (click and drag)
9. Check that the juno is receiving messages
10. Tweak till your heart is content :)

The reason you need to route the midi this way is because ableton will 'take control' of the midi device, so the juno router wont be able to use the midi device if it is used by ableton. so the work around is to route it via midiyoke, connect the midi device after ableton/junorouter and then route midiyoke to midi device via midi ox.

i cannot get this to work in windows. i have tried absolutely everything... i thought there was a problem with conflicting midi devices so i used midi yoke and a software midi router to circumvent it but still no response from the juno at all, only patch changes are working...

has anybody got this to work with windows?