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Awesome, thanks.)))

Cause you know, I was also using it AICD coupled with a Drum rack filled with samples, I was testing it with all kinds of percussions but also with bass or stab synth shots, getting interesting results as well. The only problem was that AICD itself covered just a small part of the octave range and left most of the samples in the full drum rack unused - which makes complete sense, as it is designed to make melodies and shit, right..)) So I get it and im not complaining, just for the record :D

I have registered here just to say big THANKS to the author of this – needless to say I have tried countless generative sequencers from this site but I have never really grown into using one routinely. I do this one....! I dont know how you did it, but its absolutely awesome...!! Ive been using it in 4 out of 5 projects lately.

And what extra feature I would love to have there? Possibility to set octave range for a 1/X part of the loop and then distance of "offshoots", also in octaves. Like, say, 75% of the notes will be between C1 and C3, the remaining 25% will randomly jump 2 more octaves away, or just up in this case, that would be cool. You know, like breeding AICD with the Random device. :)

Aaaaaaanyway, thanks once again, keep the great job up.

(drumgen is friggin cool as well!!!)