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can you please give us an update on this?

Hey there.

Could you at least tell us how to re-route Futility so it doesn't kill the muted tracks? I'm having to open multiple different projects just to correct all of them...

no probs man
keep up the good work :)

I've downloaded the newest version, and whenever I open up my project, all the muted tracks get un-muted.

i'm using my computer keyboard
and it doesn't work when i click it with mouse either

Hi, can you please address this issue I'm having?

Yes I am still having that issue.

I can solo just fine, but I can't kill solo at all.

What's the issue?

the new version un-mutes every track that was muted when i open the project... please fix this...

or can i have the link to the previous version? i've replaced the old one

I'm getting an error on the log.

I can solo, mute, and arm tracks but can't kill them.

Here's the error message from M4L.

Any workarounds?

I'm getting weird volume jumps when I play with it.
Also, when I play an instrument with this plugin on, the keys don't register properly for some reason.

Any fixes for this?

the version was 1.1.3 instead of 1.1.2

it worked well the first few times, but then it stopped working completely...

i didn't change anything in the plugin chain... help :(