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Am I right in saying the sequence length can't be changed here? This device would be infinitely (almost literally!) more useful if it could, but it's already very fun to play with. Thank you!

Absolutely perfect now, thank you for the fix. I encourage anybody looking for a beautiful plate reverb with highly useful extra features to try this one, it really sounds (and looks) lovely!

Thanks once again for your quick reply and fix.
The Rate and Depth (LFO) dials are still not visible but I see the % value so that's not a problem. Everything else is visible and working as it should, :)
Let me know if there's any more info I can provide to help, wilhelmromart at gmail dot com

I forgot to mention, Rate and Depth knobs for the LFO are also invisible, thanks!

Another great device from you, unfortunately I have a similar problem as the one you fixed with Harmfarm. I cannot see the Material, Size and DW controls at the bottom. They are there and they function, just I have no visual feedback (Live 11.1, Mac). Sounds wonderful, a very inspiring reverb.

Brilliant, all fixed. Thanks for updating that so quickly! Cheers.

An absolute gem of a device, only issue I'm having is that the DW control is invisible for me (Live 11.1). It works, but I can't see the value when I turn it (there is just a blank space where the "knob" should be). Lovely work!

Same issue here, input but only dry output. Live 11.1

Enough with the flashing images,so annoying!

Very interested in gearing what this device can do, but currently no output here either, Ableton 11.1 on Catalina. =)

That flashing image is extremely irritating!

FYI that URL isn't working, but the device is there on