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About hiei: HIEI is a Japanese sound artist.
He works on the theme of the relationship between technology and sound. He uses different approaches to create his works. Since the 1990s, he has made music with DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). He released songs from King Street Sounds in New York City. He also worked on research and development of electronic music instruments at YAMAHA, a musical instrument company.

He has made media works using programming. For example, he made "Hikari Record". This work generates sound with crystal. Another work is "In the Frame". It makes sound with the flickering light of a candle flame. He has shown his works in different places. These include ZKM in Germany, SCOPE Art Show in Miami, and Star Gallery in Beijing.
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Devices by hiei

181-motion harp Version 1.1
181-MicMidi Version 1.1
181-MicMidiReciever Version 1.0
181-MARKO5 automatically generate a solo phrase Version 1.1

Total Downloads: 805

Comments by hiei


Hello, semi9696.
thank you for the message.
If you did everything as I said and it still doesn't work, maybe your MIDI file contains long breaks? .
Check this out.

Thus, it is recommended to refer to MIDI data of a certain length.

MARCO5 predicts the next note based on past performance data using probabilities.
For example, if 'CF' is played, there is a high probability that the next note will be 'G'.
It calculates these probabilities by referencing MIDI data.
By using data from your favorite composers, you can play phrases in their style at your own timing.

Hi irishmos.
Is it possible that the MIDI data contains long rests? If so, please place the MIDI data on the arrangement window, trim and crop the data, and then export that MIDI clip.

Hi FreddyFingaz, thank you for your comment.
Yes, if the reference MIDI data contains avoid notes or grace notes, for example in Jazz style, it influences the notes produced by MARCO5.
Therefore, using a scale midi device after MARCO5 is an excellent idea!

I have updated the version 1.1 with the bug fixed. Please try it out.

Thank you, everyone.
Indeed, it seems there is a bug under certain conditions.
Please wait a little while I fix it.

Thank you for your comment.
Please play some notes on your MIDI keyboard after analyzed,
and then MORKO5 will output notes.
Could you try it?

Thank you for your comment. Please check below point.

1) Did you insert some instrument after MORKO5?
2) Please check if the track's arm button is ON.

Play some notes on your MIDI keyboard, and then MORKO5 will output notes.

24_0115 v1.1 Release
Fix the problem where lines are not displayed.

24_0115 v1.1 Release
Resolve the issue of not working on Apple Silicon.