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poser Version 1.0
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DeDelay Version 1.0
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RhyGeneratorBUDDY MK2 Version 1.0
euclide Version 1.0
midi chance Version 1.0
LOGISTIC Version 1.09

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Hi nexusqu,

the transpose function transpose up (the up arrow) all the notes below 63 (in midi terms) and transpose down all the notes >= 63.

Yes dead spots could happens often for values of chaos parameter below 3.57; furthermore now there is note filter (the little keyboard on the right) that filters out the NOT selected notes and doing this generate gaps.

Well suggestion to how use are hard... To be honest I love autechre and I have the impression they this kind of tools to generate their melodies (I mean: not always ), but I found interesting also to generate rhythms (drop it in front a fully populated drum rack and start to experiment ... do not forget to record everything ;) ). hope it helped. there is also a brief manual here:;

Dric please help yourself and let me know.
Dont forget to put a reference to my devices. Keep in touch