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Actually, scratch that last message. Once I set the message type to 14, it worked like a charm. Up and running!

Pretty cool utility. I'm trying to implement this device to control the knobs/buttons on my Korg EA-1 (blue, 199) synth. I'm able to use this document ( ) to determine the MSB/LSB values... but I think it's missing a separate CC# value setting to tell it which parameter to control.

My first attempt to control the cutoff knob did something.... when i mapped it to an Ableton Rack control, it silenced the entire synth, but when I touch the cutoff knob on the synth, the volume and everything comes back.

i'm just using one-way connection. It would be nice to assign the value to a particular CC# number. I think that's what's missing in my case. (i think)

Does this work with any older Electribes like the EA-1? (blue)