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Hey ssrmpc,
I think I know what issue some people are talking about. Unfortunately it's still happening with v1.8 .
I'm using Live 9.1 64-bit running in Yosemite. To help you reproduce it, I'll try to use as much detail as possible.

Basically, if you make one move of the knob in a direction with your mouse (meaning I clicked, moved, and released, so should be one motion or command) it adds a whole list of moves to the "undo" list. You can try it by disabling a track (or clicking any other button that you can turn off then back on). Then, in one move, swing the pan knob all the way to the left or right. Then see how many times you have to press "command-z" or "edit-undo" to see that track you disabled and reenabled before, actually change. It's a lot of clicks.

It also seems to mess with the list and not let you "redo" every now and again.

This all happens when you also draw automation. The moment I create some breakpoints and move them, without even hitting play, the "undo" list is already filled with commands. I'm not sure it has to do with the visual of the pan knobs in the device. It's as if while you are moving the track's pan knob to a particular position, Live is remembering a bunch of moments in between before you let go.

Does this make sense or help? My main reason for posting this is because I hope it's fixable. I love the device so much but having it mess with the undo list (especially when I'm in the mix down process) is kind of a deal breaker.