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This is great fun in conjunction with SPASM. Create a map of sounds in SPASM and stroll through it with LFO-Sketch. Super cool!

Thanks for making this. It's very helpful. I've been wanting something that would allow me to smoothly automate the difference control over the course of a binaural beats session - in effect, to bring the listener's brainwaves down from alpha to theta over a period of time. I can do that with this tool, but because there is no "all" setting in frequency bands I also have to automate that control as well. It's doable, but a bit tedious. I'd love to see you add one more frequency band that is not delimited at all - it's just a full-range mode, then I can just automate the difference control.

Honey-Mapper is an awesome utility, but is it compatible with automation?

It seems that while automating a macro knob plays back fine in real time, freezing or exporting the track completely ignores macros containing Honey-Mapper.

Anyone else having success with automation?