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About grahamf: Check out my IOS app: Quantum Beats!

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Devices by grahamf

syndicate of initiative Version 2.3
Spline Time Splash Version 1.1
Drom Version 3.1
KGlitch Version 1.0
IDM Drums Version 1.6
MatrixGate Version 1.0
XPinger Version 1.3
SubHarmonic Version 1.0
MoogMixerTape Version 2.2
Piano Reverb Version 1.1
Aerosolizer Version 1.1
MicroComplex Version 1.1
Jolin Version 1.0
PoopBox Version 1.01
Heterodyne Filter Version 1.0
Collatz Version 1.0
Hourses Version 1.12
Cows Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 21,056

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@senorakubra this error should be fixed now.

@IHateCaviar I think I fixed the issue. Hopefully it will work better for you now.


Hopefully it will work for you now. thanks for pointing this out.