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siiiick. Unfortunately, my friend is currently borrowing my MC. We're gonna have to fix that....

THANK YOU!! As a static S&H LFO, this works MUCH better than the Max for Live "LFO MIDI" effect.

PERFECT. Only problem is that I can't donate!! :(
I'd be happy to chip in $3, this device perfectly solved my problem.

I use this basically as a fine-tune add-on for the Simpler device.

TLDR: this is my favorite way to fix a sample that is slightly out of tune (ie, flat or sharp by +/- 50 cents). Because Simpler does not have fine tuning, and you don't want to use Sampler.

- You're layering two one-shots: sampleC4 and sampleD4. You try using Simpler and a device chain to layer the sounds. You tune sampleD4 down 2 semitones in simpler (using the Transpose knob on one-shot Simpler mode), to correct the difference in root note. Hopefully, now two the samples are in tune with each other.
- THE ISSUE: sampleD4 is still out of tune, a few cents sharp actually. So when you layer the sounds, and play them in unison, they are slightly out of tune from each other (gross).
- You don't want to switch to a Sampler device just to do some basic fine tuning. You could manually time-stretch your audio file, but who has time for that (I'm lazy).

- Virtually "freeze" and offsetting incoming pitch bend wheel value for all incoming midi notes. And of course, be able to do this in a device chain, ie, not globally, so that you can tune different instances of Simpler.
- So now, you add this device right before the Simpler device containing sampleD4. And adjust the "pitchbend" parameter of Midi Wheels 1.1, downward slightly (with the "Free" box activated). NOW, every time you press a midi note, Midi Wheels 1.1 will virtually 'lock in' the pitch bend wheel value, JUST FOR THAT DEVICE CHAIN.
- Now, you can layer a bunch of shitty samples you downloaded online, that nobody took the time to finetune, and quickly finetune them within your Live Set so that they all sound nice when in unison, all while using Simpler.

TLDR: this is my favorite way to fix a sample that is slightly out of tune (ie, flat or sharp by +/- 50 cents). Because Simpler does not have fine tuning, and you don't want to use Sampler.


okay, dunno what happened. I got so frustrated that I stubbornly opened up the device after a shut down, expecting it to work.

Well it did. No more horrible cacophony and no need for a limiter. It behaves exactly as I would expect it to.

Another strange difference is that the 'mini-waveform' displayed above the LFO is now working correctly. Before, it seems like it only displayed the first half of the waveform. Eg, if I selected a "Tri" LFO, it displayed in the viewer like a rising ramp. Now it shows the full waveform.

There's likely some initialization/installation bug. If I remember correctly, I think I got an error or warning (in a Max console that popped up) when I first opened the device.

TLDR: If experiencing issues upon first loading Granulator II, RESTART. Dunno which did the trick, but try closing and opening Ableton, and if no dice, then your computer.

Can't wait to get started, seems like the most featured granular M4L I've come across so far! And IT'S FREE! (I'll make a small donation if I find myself using it often). Thank you Robert for this amazing device!

I feel like something is wrong. I always have to use extreme limiter settings, or else granulator will always explode the output. If my limiter isn't on, the signal reads (positive) 'inf' in the mixer and clips to hell. I always get harsh clipped sounds and never any smooth subtle grain clouds. Or anything remotely quiet and gentle for that matter.

Am I just using it wrong? Every single preset did this. I turn the output volume all the way down, and my limiter has the lowest possible ceiling. I understand how granular synthesis works in theory. When I'm just looking at the device visually, no audio, I feel pretty comfortable with the controls.

I feel like I should be getting nice gentle grain sweeps through my audio file. But instead, I always get these harsh clipped square wave digital sounds.

Is something messed up? Was there a max update that broke this device? Or am I just overestimating my understanding of what's going on? I'll say it again, every single preset included in the pack needed a limiter, or else my output becomes positive infinity.