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Set Output Channel Audio Device Version 1.0
Set Output Channel MIDI Device Version 1.0
Set Output Channel MIDI Device MIDI Map Version 1.0
Set Output Channel Audio Device MIDI Map Version 1.0

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Hey , just a suggestion. If you are able to set as the sample source a determined audio clip, so when you record something into an audioclip the sampler gets automatically refreshed into the new recording. That would make this device huge, so many possibilities, you would allow this way a hands off the Mouse/Keyboard , workflow with this.
Just an idea , you obviously don't have to make it ;)

My bad, it is everything mapped. I was doing it wrong =D . Perfect device thanks so mucho!!

Amazing device , thanks . Now I'm able to have a fully mapped sampler in Ableton finally (as the ones built in are not easily mapeable)
Just a thing. I'm not able to map the Hold Knob . It looks like it is not detected by Live , would be nice for an update to fix that.
The rest is fine. Thanks so much for your device!!

Massive device!! Incredible, hurrah , bravo, Arigato!! . This is a must have for every Music Maker, a mapeable looper with the options you really care of (and not nonsensical stuff to rice your mixes) . Thanks a lot again!

Hey, amazing device really. I've been looking for this quite long.
Unfortunately I'm not able to make it work. Any known issues with M4L 817 Ableton 10.1.30 ? Thanks