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Username: flaviogaete
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Member since: Mar 06 2020
About flaviogaete: I'm a musician, I play viola, I do sound design, I develop Max for Live devices, I tinker with songwriting and diverse productions for film, dance, etc.
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Devices by flaviogaete

Acanto Version 1.1.0
Telar Version 1.0.8
CC Mapper Large Version 1.0.1
CC Mapper Small Version 1.0.1
Sustain Version 1.0.1
Traces Version 2.0.0
Square Wave Generator Version 1.0.0
Sine Wave Generator Version 1.0.0
Zurich Version 1.0.7
CC Converter 1.0.1 Version 1.0
Triangle Wave Generator Version 1.0.0
Sawtooth Wave Generator Version 1.0.0
Noise Wave Generator Version 1.0.1
SH Sequencer Version 1.0.1
VCA Version 1.0.1
VCF Version 1.0.0
Waveshaper Version 1.0.0

Total Downloads: 3,803

Comments by flaviogaete


Thanks @wakax!

First batch of copies of Traces v2 available with a %50 discount with the code traces2promo :)

Zürich is offered as part of a bundle, which includes all the 'modular/utility' types of devices I develop. First 10 copies are free with the code: zurichintro. The next 50 copies will be %50 off with the code: zm4lpromo.

An official version has just been released (1.0.8). It's been finally tested and should be rid of any bugs etc. Of course, feel free to get in touch with questions comments etc. :)

First 50 copies are free with the code: acantointro. Gumroad page: