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FPB Audio to Synth and MIDI Version 1.03
FPB Push Locker Version 1.6
FPB Push Colour Notes Version 1.6
FPB ATD4 Audio Transposer with Delay Version 2.6
FPB Push Class Control Version 1.0
FPB Chord Strummer Version 1.1.1
FPB Random Interval Ear Training Version 1.1
FPB 4 Push Drum Sequencer Version 1.2
FPB Clean Fuzz Version 1.0
FPB Pop Up Piano Version 3.4
FPB Rectifier 1.0 Version 1.0
Note Swapper Version 2.0
FPB Pitch Scaler Plus Version 1.0
FPB Key and Scale Matcher Version 1.0
FPB Simple Reverser Version 1.2

Total Downloads: 3,615

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@notes2yu fyi Gumroad image fixed!

Ha, i know, its the same photo you can see above but that is wrong shape for gumroad apparently. i’ll replace it when i get the chance

Glad you like it, enjoy!

Thanks both for letting me know. I have identified the problem and uploaded an update version 1.1 . It should just work now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

It should work, it’s fully native max objects that make this device.

Sometimes the first button press after loading doesn’t work (I’m working on a fix for that now) but other than that I have had no issues.

Are you letting the audio play in to the device with the reverse button on, then turning it off to hear it backwards?

Sorry NickfromNetherlands, I am not an expert with MIRA and I can't see it's app half on the app store anymore...I'm not sure it's fully supported.

I'm assuming you want to add a touch screen.

I would guess that if you open the sub-patcher that contains the piano pop up you could possibly add the MIRA window there. Although I'm not sure, as it's a sub level interface, if it will work.

Also look at MIRA Web if it's not working that might be better supported.

let me know how you get on.

If they don’t display you will need to install/reinstall the Bach externals from the max for live editor. Open the max editor and click on the packages box on the left hand side. A packages window will open, enter Bach in the search and click install once you have done that. Hope this helps.

FYI new demo link in the description.

Yeh I was planning on doing something tomorrow. I’ll post a link here. Let me know if there are any particular sources you want to hear it on.

Not a problem, I didn’t expect them to go so quickly myself. I hope you still get to enjoy Clean Fuzz!

Hi babasynth. Nothing is wrong. All 50 free copies I made available got downloaded pretty quickly. I have it available for just £2 now for the next 50 downloads.

Hi stromkraft, yes it works with push one and push two. It also by accident works with older launchpad units if they are in user mode 2. The device can be set up with the hardware in any order of your choosing and you can use between 1 and 4 hardware devices.

The only real pitfall with using a mix of launch pad and push units is they use different colour values so for now you’ll need to compromise on a set that works well on both. I’m working on an update that should improve this, and add better note selection to each row.

Sorry for the slow uptake on your comment Stromkraft and thanks for flagging the URL issue. I'll update that this week...and send you a bit more info on what this can do if you you want it, just drop me an email to and I'll reply with all the details.

Thanks ekaku, there is a contact form here

Hey ekaku , thanks for the feedback. Very nice to know it has made your standard template!

I have been making a few updates including allowing for various customisations of the test including setting 'in scale' intervals only and setting test speed...speed of the interval to play that is as you have requested.

However at this time for my purposes I feel it is important to play the interval as well as hear it so I am leaving in the played reference note. Its also a very simple way for the user to control the test pitch centre and pace.

the new version will be up very soon, let me know what you think.

No worries, I hope you continue to have fun with it.

The best thank you is for you to post a link to a track or performance of you using the device.


There you go jorgen96, the presets are pretty crudely implemented as I copied and pasted it from another device but it does seem to be working ...for me at least.

Please post some feedback and let me know how it is working for you.

Thanks for the feedback jorgen96 . I'll look at adding in presets at my next available opportunity.

Please let me know any other feature requests, or post links to media of yourself using the device, that can all help me improve the device for the future.

Thanks Broah, please let me know how useful you find it in practice.

cheers troll, i'll see if can make some mods soon.

First off great device!

Have you thought about letting the user control the Hz with variable pressure on the Push Pad?

That would be quite easy to achieve if you tell max to only listen to the pressure info from the last pushed pad.

If not would you be happy for me to muck around with your creation at some later date.