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FD Comb Filter Version 1.0
Tuner MIDI Version 1.0
MIDI Solo Safe Version 1.0
PFFT Latency Calculator and M4L Delay Measurement Version 1.2

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Comments by fakedubz


Same Issue here, but on the newest Version of Live 11 and Win 11. Version 1.2 works fine tho!

Hi, I really like the device, is there any chance to also send pitch bend information as well?

Thanks, still works like a charm!

Damn, that was fast! Thank you so much, it seems to work now.

Hi, first of all I love what this Device can do.
I've just been trying to add some small stuff to it, like a reset button for the curve, but unfortunately there are two things I just can't seem to figure out.
What exactly is the "Exponent" Knob supposed to do? For me it doesn't change anything and it also isn't routet to any value and I can't figure out where it is supposed to go.
Secondly whenever I change the FFT Window Size, the Graph becomes inactive. Usually that should be fixable by just feeding a bang from the Selector into the loadbang, but for some reason that just doesn't work.

As I said I love the sound this Patch can produce and I would love to work with it more, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Super cool device, I did a Midi Version of it, I hope that's fine!

Heyo, really great Device, I use it quite a lot recently. Tho I just keep running into one Issue. Whenever I change the sample in Simpler, the device stops working entirely. Reloading it works but I don't get it to work without that. Any Ideas for a fix or workaround?