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I believe I've figured it out...think I'm getting my mapping numbers crossed with label numbers. Also, I just modded a few of them to suite my needs, adding more selects, etc. They're really a great set of tools!

Maybe this short video will help?

Just purchased this pack and really like it, however I think there's something wrong with the 'values' module. I mapped a 'clockedGate' 1 output to random trigger on 'a' 'values', each output of 'values' then mapped those to three separate 'multiMulti' (only two inputs provided, please make another one for six in future updates), then mapped those outputs to a 'scopeWide' for testing.

I also mapped the second 'clockedGate' with a different time division to 'b' values 'random' trigger.

Here's the issue: When selecting 'a' or 'b' on 'values' only the first three values change in sync to the time divisions. If I have a time division of a whole note mapped to 'a' and a quarter mapped to trigger 'b', all the values should be normalized to each time division when on each selection? A, B, C, D, E, or F? With the above mappings, only the first three inputs seem to sync on each selection.

This is kinda confusing but I hope it makes sense and can be recreated. Maybe I'm doing some thing wrong? If there was an email address to send a screen capture or rack, I'd be more than happy to send.

Great pack though, very useful, hope it gets fleshed out more.