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Hey Tom,

I just gave this device a go and could automate the knob but it had no effect on the MIDI pitch bend. Do I have to somehow map the knob to the pitch bend? I'd love some explanation, or a video.

Thanks and keep up the great work.

+10 for an awesome device.

Not sure if the developer has moved onto bigger and better things, or is still tweaking this one according to feedback, but...

Any way you could get it so that clicking a parameter and pressing delete will bring the mapped parameter back to its original default value, rather than just bringing it all the way down to zero? This would be a huge time-saver for sound design. Thanks!

Personally, I'd also appreciate lots more shapes. The ones you've provided in v1 are great and very Massive-y, but why stop there? More factory shapes would just help get the creative juices flowing, ya know?

Thanks man, keep up the good work!

Just discovered this one. Seems like another great device, really looking forward to v2. I can totally see how this is based on Massive's performer :)

One thing I quickly noticed - dunno if this is a bug or intentional, but it messed up my workflow a bit - is that the circular trigger button seems to get stuck when mapped to a key.

When I click on it with my mouse, it instantly triggers the EG and turns off as soon as I release my mouse, ready to be retriggered. But when I map it to a key and press that key, the light stays on, and it must be manually turned off with a second key press before I can trigger the EG it again. Make sense?

So, say, if I wanted to fire it off four times in rapid succession, I actually have to press the mapped key 8 times. If this is a bug, I'd love if it could be fixed.