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I tried using this yesterday. Unfortunately what happens is that the position marker in ableton and the device are not synced. I know i must be missing something but my cursor was at beat two and i was at step inputting in bar 20.

I stopped typing for a second to go back and check it because I saw the Current step value. Unfortunately, this cant be controlled so it moves automatically but I have NO control over where it starts from.

I have to switch the device off for the current step to be reset. It then goes back to zero. Furthermore, the device can be on step 20 or 17 and the clip is only 4 steps (4 1/4 notes) long.

I appreciate the efforts of all creators. So thank you for trying to solve a problem for us because Ableton refuse to implement basic functions.
However, in its current state/ my current understanding of how it works.
It isn't practically usable for me.