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This is amazing! Thank you so much for this wonderful free device. Huge enhancement to the already excellent BSII synth. Thank you!!!

Hi Secretadmiral, did you ever update this device to fix the bugs? Please share it with us here if so. I'd really love to use Catena exclusively as my sequencer going forward. Thanks!

What video formats does this accept? I bought the plugin but can't get it to load an mp4 video? The file browser pops up but when I double click the video file to load it, nothing happens in the plugin. (and I'm on desktop, no webcam available to test).

By the way, it appears to be a max MIDI device, which seems weird. But I don't know enough about max for live to dispute it.

Um, is this device deprecated by your "Advanced Quantizer" device? Because I can't find this device anywhere on the link you give to your website.

On live 10.1.35 I also could not figure out how to get this working at all. I tried it on the Master track and also tried it on its own audio track with a midi synth fed into it. Could not get any looping/sound out. And the level indicators on the right side of the device were not showing any levels/volume at all, as though nothing was passing through the plugin. I did press the record button. Any advice?

Thank you very much for the reply and ongoing effort, secretadmiral. I truly appreciate it and would love to help beta test the new version when it's ready, if you like. You can reach me directly at deftinwulf AT g mail DOT com if you're interested.

Cheers. :)

Does this device require the Doepfer A-190-2 module to function? Can it be used with any MIDI-CV interface?

This device would be amazing, except it does not save PITCH data in the sequences properly in Live 10.1.30 in Max 8.1.7.

It saves some of the notes in the correct Pitch, but others (step 6, 7, and 8 specifically) reset to some strange fixed value (not 0) when I load/reload my saved Project.

If this could be fixed, it would be absolutely amazing. This is the best implementation of the M185 sequencer I've found in Max/Live yet. Please patch it if you can! Thank you.

Hello, I bought this device but have found setting it up on LP Mk3 Mini to be impossible.

The 2 manuals (one linked here, one provided with the download) have different sets of instructions and omit explanations for key functions of the device. What is the little "red circle" button? What is the "r" button?

It appears I'm supposed to hit USER on the MK3 Mini then the top-right pad to put your software into "mk3" mode, but doing so has no effect that I can tell.

Also, your youtube videos for the Mk2 and Mk3 configurations are both marked private and no one can watch them.

Can you please, PLEASE make a video with *step by step* setup instructions for Launchpad Mk 3 Mini users?

In my previous comment, I meant to say, "#" as an OPTIONAL feature, so that those who do not want it are not forced to use it, but those who do, may. :)


Hello. Lovely device! For your version 2, would you please add "#" to the beginning of each track name button so that they will auto number when re-ordered through Live? Thank you for considering and stay safe. :)

Does this device have pitch bend from midi/pitch wheel? I understand there is pitch envelope and pitch LFO within the device, but I can't get it to respond to pitch bend from a keyboard wheel. Am I missing something?

Live 10 = soul crushed. Ah well, looks great anyway. I'll just be over here with my Live 9 if anyone needs me.