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About davidlightdancer: 35 years developer in freespace MIDI control systems including hardware, software, systems and content. for performers, DJs, events and parties, LBE, fulldome, 3D, lasers and lighting outputs.
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Is there a USER GUIDE? I see how to map to Live parameters sure, but i cant' figure out how to do a simple NOTE MAP
i just want to MAP 12 consecutive WHITE KEYS to a list of random other notes - i can't figure it out by "fiddling".... i see how to set the map FROM note, but where do you set the map TO note?

otherwise I absolute LOVE it, when it works

suddenly in Live 11 the note map saving has become UNSTABLE and often when re-opening them the maps are WIPED OUT (back to default)

is there a user guide, and what are the steps to make sure the note maps are saved?

I am using SEVERAL note maps in different tracks=== could they be getting confused? is there a limit to how many instances you can have (I think I have about six in various tracks)

you have THE BEST user interface vs. the only other Note remapper devices i have found for max for live .. .live 11 on MacOS

its weird becuase it seemed to be working fine until i tried to add i think my third devices, then it couldnt keep its maps intact on template re-open