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About datadebt: I'm an electronic musician and programmer in San Francisco. I try to make easy-to-use devices that do one thing well.
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APC Mono Sequencer Version 1.0

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Hey specialkay,
It shouldn't be too hard to make the grid work the the MkII, (though I don't have one to test with). If the control number assignments haven't changed, it should be as easy as adding the right control_surface object name in a few places. I see in the Live Settings Midi/Sync window that it's listed as "APC40 MkII" in the supported control surfaces dropdown. Can you tell me what name shows up in the dropdown list on this device when you connect the MkII? I suspect it will be the same but maybe with an underscore instead of a space, since spaces count as list separators in max. Or, if anyone with an MkII wants to send me a patch just email me at

Hey johnisfaster,
This patch uses the same basic interface to the APC hardware, an Mark's, but it gets its clock timing from the global transport rather than the current clip. It should work faster as far as running lights and button presses since it's making fewer trips to the Live Object Model.

While the original Mono Sequencer device is amenable to being used in multiple instances, I haven't tested this version in that setup. I suppose there may be some namespace collisions with send/return objects that can cause interference, and in any event switching the hardware control on/off as you move between channes will be the most brittle piece as it's largely taken from Mark's patch. YMMV.

My usual approach is to have the mono sequencer on a dummy MIDI channel and then route it via the I/O menu to the instrument I want to control. This has the benefit of making it super-easy to record MIDI clips from the sequencer.

Hi FirdousEbareen,
I'm not sure if it does work with the APC20, as I don't have one to test with. The principal functionality is designed for the macro controls (the 8 ringed encoders on the apc40) which aren't present on the APC20. I suppose you could use the cue level knob as a universal control, and then select the control parameter using the scene launch buttons instead. Happy to try to implement it in a future version if you think it'd be useful.