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Fantastic. Finding some nice things. Would you be able to get it to trigger automatically?

Ok - it's taken all night but I finally have a working (so far) setup where 8 buttons in a row on my nanokontrol each turn on a different instrument in a rack (and light up while the instrument is on incidentally) whilst at the same time automatically switching the front macro set-of-8 to a unique state for each instrument in the rack! On the APC40 the 8 hardware knobs automatically correspond to 8 variables for whichever instrument has been turned on. Or whichever was turned on last if you choose to play more than one instrument in the rack at a time (I don't use clips and chains - just nano hardware on/off switches.

16 Macros switches to the right preset for that particular instrument, as is it's wont but being control by midi instead of clips. In other words each button has a dual function, sending cc channel info to the instrument switches (like normal - except the cc ranges are only 3 numbers long eg cc34, values 3-5) At the same time, midipipe is duplicating the signals and converting them all to the same cc channel. Because each one has different values (is it rpn numbers?) 16 Macros treats the data as a continuous controller and 'scrolls' through its range (which is set to 8 in ableton's midi assignments popup) so that each button takes the presets on one number. I think I chose unneccessarily complicated numbers... In the nano editor, the rpn? values for each different cc-chanelled button were (off/on):3,5/15.17/31.33/47,49/63.65/91,93/110,112. /125,127. These work for 16 Macros to put up the number by one (if as I said the range in midi assignment window is set to 8 instead of 64 and they are merged onto the on cc channel by midipipe) - but you also have to set each normal trigger assignment in ableton's assignment menu separately too, because of the small rpn ranges. The numbers I used - instead of 64-127 - were 4,5/16,17/32,33/ etc one less than those above so the switch could turn off.

Anyway, what fun. And all credit goes to the creators of 16 Macros - and it's fine offspring. Btw - there might be much more simple ways to achieve this - if you know of one, leave a note below?

- just realised that with 16 macros I can use a cc midi wheel (nanokontrol) to scroll between 8 (or anything, 2 -64) scenes of macros by assigning it in midi-learn to 16m's scene number box! This means each instrument in a rack can be twiddled and tweaked by the default setting of knobs on my MPC40 whilst leaving the other instruments in the rack untouched!


Ah - I see - just watched another youtube vid about 16 macros.

Silly me.

Vayner - this is extraordinary! Life-changing! Thank you thank you!

I must admit it took me a little while to understand (the vid for 16 macros helped a bit) Now I can change the instrument/s playing in a rack and know that my hardware controllers will pick up the right parameters in the instrument that's sounding. AND the ability to map other Ableton knobs (fx sends etc) is just fantastic.

Wishlist? I turn instruments on and off in my racks (to vastly cut down processing) by using hardware midi buttons...if that same remote midi action could isolate the functioning of the macros to the active instrument only, then all the other instrument's settings would remain pristine and ready to go when their time comes! Something like the clip mapper presets, that identify with the honey mappers of just the one instrument (or scenario) that you want them to.

HAHA. more more more! But this is brilliant anyway. Thanks again.

BTW i was looking at 16 macros in reference to the functionality desired above - but I couldn't stop ableton thinking it was an audio device,,,