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Works fine. Straight and simple. Thank you!

Great device, thank you!

Thanks Bennniii for your reply.
I can currently solve it with another workflow - simply focus on one track (bass, lead, etc) after another. I've really great fun making baselines by loading up many midi-riffs in both tracks (the IN and the CLIP track) and then keep combining. This really creates musically great sounds. So no need to do some urgent rebuild, but keep working on this device because it is really great!
Thank you for so much fun already!


I ran into one issue when I tried to have two sets of separate clipin en clip sequencer tracks. That hangs ableton.

Ah and I forgot: the single note delay function is very important because it really can make it sound more natural, so please don't remove it!

Thanks, but for me I don't think other features are necessary. Just maybe capability for 8 notes in stead of 6.
I use it like this: on my first track I place the clip IN and have several clips with chord progressions.
Then on the next tracks I put the CLIP devices and have instruments like a bass, lead and pad. For MIDI IN I refer them all to the progression track.
Then I use the note sequencer of Push to build clips with sequences. All instruments are always in tune, always following the same progression, brilliant!
Finally, when I have created several clips withs sequences based on a few progressions, it is great fun to play in session mode.

Thank you! I've been looking a long time for the possibility to split progression and sequence, and with your device it is possible!

It's one month later and I'm still impressed, tweaking, finding new sounds and possibilities. Really an amazing synth. I've compared it as a pure wavetable synth with other commercial products and it really sounds much better. Thank you again!

I've been playing this synth now for two days and it really is incredibly versatile and keeps producing beautiful sounds. Thanks again!

Beautiful synth, incredible sound. Thanks for sharing this spark of genius!