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I think I found something that will work for at least part of what I am trying to accomplish with the looper plugin. I installed this script found here:

It makes whatever track you have highlighted be automatically record armed, which should help with forgetting to arm the looper track before pressing the midi footswitch that start to record the looper if I also have that same switch midi mapped to the looper location, it will always make sure it's record armed when I go to press it.

Hi, thanks for the response! I see so if you have a group, this goes on the group and arms or disarms all of them with one button press? I am looking for a way to keep record arm exclusive on while at the same time having a few tracks that are just always on. I am wanting to do this for live performance where I just want to arm 1 track at a time for most of the tracks that show up on and APC for instance depending on what I'm doing or looping but then there are tracks that I just want to always have record arm on, like a track with the looper app on it or some audio tracks that are routed to midi external instrument tracks. So it's like I want everything to be on record arm exclusive except for just a few specific tracks that are always on.

I'm confused how this is supposed to be used exactly if you could clarify? I was hoping it would keep a track or group of tracks armed even when exclusive arm is activated but it still turns the record arm off the track I put this on when I click to record arm a different track. Thanks!