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Lol, oh Keith...

This is great! THanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing!

Commented just to say lol about this last comment. I just asked the same thing on his other device. Faaack.

Hey! Great device! Any way to make it not fill up the Undo History?

Wow, such a simple device that yields great results! Thanks!

Looks interesting. WIll give it a try!

@zaSLON found this device that seems like it may be useful in figuring out the quantization issue that cuts off the last fraction of the beat we were talking about. Check it out:

Hey @Pansola - after some researching it seems Tom Cosm already made a device that does essentially the same thing, but does rather relies on MIDI note trigger vs clip name. Check it out:

Would love to see a video demo!


Excited to try this out today! Thanks!

It just creates an additional audio output lane, that's all. I have many dedicated MIDI only tracks with other types of effects, that interrupts the 'MIDI to' functionality when and audio effect is added to the chain. :)

Any chance it could be a MIDI device as well? :D

Noticed a bug - when changing the stop beat to 0 it tries to trigger the next clip, but then immediately stops it before it plays.

Also, no matter what, the device changes the global quantization to 1/4

Everything else seems to be working tho. :D

Thanks for the update!

What a great device! Thanks @greaterthanzero 🙏

Very cool device. Thanks!

Another great device. Thank you!

Great device. Thank you!

This is the jam right here! Great device!

For real tho, that Octave selector just made this device 1000% more useful!!

Thanks for the update!

Oh, Didn’t read your whole post about it not working arrangement view. Whoops!

This just made my life soooooo much easier!!! Will it work in arrangement view as well? 🙏 That would really be a game changer. No more automating mutes on groups and sends. Would be great to be able to mute all other tracks, selected groups/tracks, etc. This is great. Thank you!

Is this abandoned?

Thanks for this handy little device!

Thank you!

Would love to see a video demo ofthis. :)

Love this device. Wondering if you could make a version that is just for one track maybe to the immediate left or right of the track the device is on?

Thank you! Wonder if you could make a toggle to choose random or just next clip?

This is fantastic

That is a great tip!

Ooops, scratch that. I had some weird MIDI settings with a scale plugin before this device that was acting funny.

For whatever reason C#1 doesn't seem to want to be converted. :/

@LeoVirtuoso -

Little late to the party, but I think this device may be what you're looking for:

Link is broken.


Would love to be able to import your own wavetables

Looks like a cool device. Would love to see ADSR control per lane

This device is super helpful. Thought it'd be handy to have a few new features partially inspired by this other device:

Those include:
- Delete notes on all all clips in the selected track
- Delete a specific MIDI note from one / all clips on the track

The later would be particularly help if you are trying to split up MIDI drum beats to separate MIDI tracks.

Thanks again! :D

Love this device! Wonder if it'd be possible to only select a certain note inb multiple clips to transpose?

@funnycat - would love to get your version. Can't use the other because of that issue.

What a cool idea! Can't wait to give this a try. 😄

Cool device! Can imagine getting some cool drum grooves by alternating between two clips.

What was your initial intended use case? Would love to hear how you're using it!

@kalansorion - curious if you have a video example of the situation you mentioned. Would just like to see it in action.

Very cool! Price seems a little steep, but it does seem like it'd be pretty useful.

I'd imagine the 16 buttons can be key-mapped and/or midi-mapped?
Would be cool to have a 64 button grid version to use a dedicated launchpad for and actual launch pad. :)

@redhexagonal - Do you have a demo video you could post by chance?

Just purchased. Can't wait to play with this today. Anything to save a few mouse clicks and keystrokes I'm all about.


10/10 device Benjamin! Bought it earlier today. Absolutely love it.

Huge upgrade to the old MIDI effect rack version. Thanks for your hard work on this!

Upgrade for existing users?

Doooood. A native device! Been using your other Chord Palyer effect rack for a long time now. This is MUCH easier.

Can't wait to try this out!

Link to purchase page is dead.

Video demo?

Looks interesting! Video demo link is broken tho. :)

Cool device! Demo video looks really fun and useful. Are you going to have a free version? Maybe stripped down a bit i.e without the Auto Portamento feature?

Nice work! :)

Hey @zaSLON -

Bought the first version (or was it free to begin with? IDK, either way I have it, lol) and am interested in this update, but not entirely sure what the changelog indicates. Could you make a quick video demo of what has changed / what is different so we know?

LOVE the first version. Actually wrapping up a project as we speak where I used it to split the bass channel for some really interesting results.


Love this device! Thank you so much for it. It is WAY more fun than Live's built-in scale device. I really like the results I get when I MIDI-resample (for lack of a better word) the MIDI clip's note data. :D

The "Octave Range" feature doesn't seem to work in Live v10.0.6 (2019-01-09_5d8b434734) with built in Max. Any chance we could get a quick fix / update for this?

Looks cool! Would be cool if there was a bar length option 1.1.1 format that was tempo-synced in addition to the length in seconds option.

@Crampe - Would love to see an Inist device to pull audio FROM anywhere. :D

Would love it if it locked the pads

Looks super interesting, but $45 for each of these devices seems way too expensive.

@OCH - doooooood, it works, beautifully! Thank you a MILLION!!!!!

@OCH - you're the man! Trying this out now. :)

@Crampe - I wasn’t able to get this to work with Push 2 on Live 10. Is the scale selection supposed to update on the Push 2 screen itself?

I tested by playing the blue root note after selecting the scale on the device itself (tried clicking on it directly and setting it by selecting the device from the Push’s menu and choosing the scale) but it never took. :/

Do you have a video demo?

Ah, gotcha. Well fantastic then! :)

Been playing around with this all morning an really like it! Def can get some interesting repeated rhythms . Thank you!

Btw, I know it's unrelated to this device, but do you by chance have an updated version of Futility II that doesn't have the (what I think is related to the ) loadbang issue?


I think I understand this device. So each MIDI track that has one of these on it you can select the scale and then when you select that track Push will automatically have that scale selected?


Great device! Thank you!

Would love it tho if the generated patterns didn't fill up Live's Undo History.

Nice! I guess I'll give it a shot! :)

Woah. What a hookup! Thank you!

Haven't tried this out yet, but I love the description. :D

Looks fun! Thanks for the long and hard work. :)

@Crampe - Yo dood. Thanks for the update that fixed the unwanted resmapling/bouncing on project load! Very nice!

Think there is a similar issue with your Futility II device that un-mutes every track each time a session is re-opened. Is this an easy fix? :D

Looks super cool!

Is the sale over? :)


Hey, still wondering if this works with AU/VST, stock, as well as other Max devices.

Dope. Would love a Lite version to try out.

Would love to use this tho! The batch rename clips feature would be AMAZING.

Doesn't seem to be working with Live v10.0.5 (2018-10-18_8aeadb1597) using the bundled Max 8.

very nice!

I have not found a solution yet, but would ABSOLUTELY love an update to this device. It's in my default template so it happens every time I open a project, lol. Only good thing about this is it forces me to kill (delete) sounds / tracks I am unsure of. Blessing in disguise?

If you just left this on your master during a session, would it cause any issues with CPU performance or anything?

Very cool. Would love to see this with 432Hz Pythagorean Tuning with all the correct intervals. :)

Gumroad purchase page says "This product is not currently for sale." when you try to buy it.

Wow, I am really botching these comments here. Looks like the above two are both FREE.

Sorry, the free one above does NOT* seem to work with other max devices.

Looks promising! Have used the free device below, but found it to be not perfect. Also only seems to work with other Max devices - only stock ableton devices.

Does your device work with AU/VST, stock and amx devices? LOVE the idea of using LUFS btw.

Also, care to upload a demo YouTube video? :)

A couple similar devices:

Audio Amplitude Preserver - Sender 0.5 (FREE)

Volume Compensator 1.1 (PAID)

Fantastic device. Love it!

Rad! Can't wait to give this a try. Will be great for building sample packs.

Wowwwww. I've been wanting LFOTool to do this since it came out. No more duplicating audio track to MIDI just to trigger LFOTool. Gold. Purchasing now :D

Just noticed how similar this was to MULTI ANALYSER XL by ISOTONIK. Have you seen this?


Right on!

Hey man, I know you're busy with all your other dope devices, but I just discovered that this particular device unmutes all tracks on load, which is particular troublesome when you re-open a session with a lot of tracks.

Right on, no worries. I'm sure I'll make do!

Couple of questions.

1. Is it possible to add a toggle box to either add / not add the "[rsmpl]" text in front of the new audio track? I've found my workflow is simply renaming it to what the source group / track was and then immediately deleting the source group / track afterwards. i.e. Group of 3 clap tracks in a group names "Claps" > BiP > new tracks named "Claps"

2. Would it be possible to auto-enable the Loop switch? Using BiP I've found my workflow to be 1.) Select the region. 2.) Toggle Punch-In & Punch-Out switches. 3.) trigger BiP. So, the resulting audio file is already the correct length, but then I just need to enable the Loop switch virtually every time. Speaking of, auto enabling / disabling the Punch-In/Out switches would also save a step.

Freaking LOVE this device already. Been using it literally non-stop. It saves so much time it's ridiculous.

Ha ha, omg this is getting ridiculous. I actually just found the culprit device causing the issue. After my last post I re-added this device which I thought I had ruled out, but it immediately triggered the behavior after I re-saved my template and re-opened it.

It's called Arm-Me (MIDI version):

Think you can take a look at this and see if there is a work around? I use this to keep Cthulu armed so that I can have it ready to play.

Alright, upon further testing I seemed to have figured *something* out. I had key-mapped Shift+B to the resample button & Shift+N to the Post-FX button. I deleted both key-mappings, deleted the device completely from my machine and re-downloaded from Gumroad, then re-mapped resample button to alt+z and Post-FX button to alt+x and everything seems to be working wonderfully.

Not sure if it was the key-mapping causing the issue or if I just need to do a clean install of the device, but either way it is working now!