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just stumbled across this, got my nordrack 2 out of its box, and rediscovered this beautiful synth! Works great!!! It's fantastically integrated in Live now.
I need some more time with it, to see how automation will work out, but for sound design it's perfect.

Something else I'll look into next time, is the preset browsing. You see, I have a PCMCIA memory card, which has quite some presets I'd like to audition again, and this setup won't allow me to browse to these banks. maybe disconnection a midi connection to the nordrack could solve this (temporarily, to get to the presets). I just made a percussion set, tried to save it to the memory card, but couldn't. As soon as you reach the last preset of the internal memory, you go back to 001. Luckily, saving the presets for the M4L device seems to work great, and probably has it's advantages.

So far, the only little thing is the preset handling on the M4L device itself. It seems you can only click through the presets instead of click/holding and scrolling through the list. Maybe I need to get more used to Push (which works fantastic with this editor, too), and the nordrack itself as well. So, not important at all for me...

Thanks a lot, Piet! Great stuff!!!