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I second the idea of adding a time signature change option!

Thanks man. I dont see the option to receive midi from an audio track. Ive never seen that before! I dont get the option in 'midi from' to select anything but other midi tracks. I can select 'midi from Max' but that doesnt lead anywhere. 'audio track' is not something ive ever seen before as a routing option in a Midi track. I wish it did, it would be very seamless.
it would need some kind of midi receptor... no?
the routing option you screenshot isnt an option on my computer.

looks cool. but never been able to route audio into a Midi track. unless im doing something wrong, but there is no option for : Midi from / audiotrack / audi2midi
but im on a mac, so maybe its something to do with that?

Hey @Sanders. Not sure if this is possible.. but it would be super cool if the surround panner could have the option of sending each output as mono instead of stereo pairs. So for example in a 6 channel circle I would be able to send 1 to 6 as mono outputs and not 3 stereo pairs.
I dont know if this is possible as Ableton seems to treat all tracks as stereo even when they are mono.

If this were possible it could greatly speed up exporting, and transfering to different DAWS, or if one were using the panner in alternative ways.

@Sanders got the update. Thanks for the quick work! Looks great.

awesome. just like the 8 channel.
should be noted it jumps to 16 channels, so there is no option for 10, 12 or 14 channel.