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@alkman Thank for your answer. I understand what you mean about the euclidean cycle.
I made the following test : create a midi track and put the device on it. Enable the click. Create a clip in session view (say 2 measures) with a note spanning the 2 measures. Create a pattern, setting it to 8n playback. I expect that each time the clip is played (each time the note is on), the sequencer resets and start from the beginning of a cycle.
-> That is what happen but sometimes the cycle restart with a tiny delay and so all the notes are all out of sync.
I hope to be clear enough. :)

hi, just bought it. It's very fun to use. I have a problem though : when I activate midi triggering (midi button on) and I create a clip which length is say 2 and I play it in session view, the sequencer is out of sync from the second loop of the clip. Any idea ?