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Thank you. I have already checked the settings multiple times, updated Max and so on, but still no luck. Can someone confirm the sysex dump functionality is working with Nord Lead 2 (not 2x) on a Windows 7 PC? Maybe the dump request commands differ slightly?
With another MIDI interface device I own (NI Komplete 6) the strange behaviour of exclusive availability of MIDI ports does not appear, so this does not seem to cause the problem.
The MIDI IN signal is received in the sysex bridge as well as in Live.
Is the MIDI Out Signal control in the sysex bridge supposed to flash when I move your controller's buttons? Because it does never ever flash.
Thanks very much.

thanks very much for sharing this device!
I try to use it with my Nord Lead 2 on a Windows 7 64 PC and I can't seem to get the sysex transfer to work. If I select the MIDI devices in the Max sysex bridge patch I cannot use them in Live anymore and vice versa.
Do I have to use a MIDI loopback device or something to be able to dump sounds from and to my Nord?
Best regards and thanks again.