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Hi Ursine! Right you are. It was the pitchbend settings. I didn't even realize they existed in Operator or know where to find them ... but I found them and it is tracking accurately now!

I also see that you have a note in the Transmitter to match those up... so I don't know why it didn't dawn on me that was the issue.

Thank you for the explanation, and even more for the retuning device!

I'm doing tests on this, and while it does adjust the tuning, it doesn't seem to be very accurate.

For example in tuning a Major 3rd at a ratio of 5/4, I expect +386.3 cents from the tonic note (in this case C). According to the Tuner in Live, it comes out +365.8 cents. I get similar results if I select Just Intonation from the drop down menu.

I do the same test in another scala device w/ the same scala file (outside of Live, but sending the sound back into Live), and it hits right on at +386.3 cents.

In both cases I'm using a simple sine tone, which tracks perfectly in equal temperament.

Am I doing something wrong, or is the math off in this device?

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