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Hi there this device is awesome but when i use it on some tracks (7 concrete) the entire ableeton interface has some visual lag and drops.

If someone wants i made a custom mode for launchpad X that works fine.

Thanks Creatureclub for made this patch

Is there a posibility to made a memory recall when you load or change a preset from te BSII and see it on the max patch?

Sorry it works well, i made a bad config of the channels lol

This patch will make my virus buttons live more years :D

Hi, this is an awesome patch, but i have a problem with this. I have clips with program change on my live set and when i play one of them the Keyboard Control 2.2.4 only recognice the program but no the bank :(
If i change the bank from the Keyboard Control 2.2.4 the Virus C is ok but if i made a bank change from a clip the Keyboard Control 2.2.4 made it didn't works.

Could you solve this?

Sorry for my poor english lol