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deeploops Version 1.2

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It should not matter where you add the two lines.
Would you like to send me your file, so I can have a look? It's constanze ät
hollyhook point de

no pain, no gain :) yes, you have to install the Java Development Kit first. On the Mac you can get Java 1.8 from
Then the mxj package, which is found in the Max package manager.
I know it is a bit of a hassle, sorry for that.

Can you please verify that the 2 options in are setup correctly? See section INSTALL (Mac) in the description above.

thanks for the hint about the JDK, I updated the installation description accordingly.

The error means it either it cannot load the tensorflow DLL, or the tensorflow jar file. Could you please double check the installation instructions, as described above? Like typos in the config file or so

Maybe you have multiple files on your system and Ableton uses a different one?

Do you use the 32bit version of ableton?

Thanks eclipxe, the device should now also run on Mac.

Fixed detection of data folder with v1.1

there seems to be an issue in determining the path where the device is located... thanks for reporting that, i will look into it.
Great to hear that you got it to run nevertheless!

Never tried the original Grids, but I tested @mots M4L port. I think deeploops is quite different, it is more "creative", though arguably whether creativity in a machine can exist. It generates quite surprising ideas for drum patterns. The intention is that a musician can take them as inspiration for breaks.

Right now training needs MIDI files. I'm currently looking into AI methods to generate drum patterns from audio, but can't say yet that this will work reliable enough.

fixed that, thanks

A little demo how it sounds: