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About adiginvention: Hi,

I am the developer of ADIG Human Synchronizer, a revolutionary tempo technology allowing machines to follow or responds to a musicians tempo in real time!

We would like you to have fun with this technology and therefore has made it available in Maxforlive for free!

Let us know how you are using it, and what you would like to see regarding features and areas of use.

Go to our website to download externals and help files.

best regards,
Rune Aleksandersen
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Devices by adiginvention

ADIG Human Synchronizer Version 1.0
Adig Delay Synchronizer Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 2,830

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If enough people are requesting it, I will make a windows version. We have started out with Mac, since most musicians we know are running Macs.

Rune Aleksandersen