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Amazing I love it!! so Round

wow great idea!!

ahoy i love this!! i have been using it for years.
*i have recently ran into an issue in my newest workflow:
i've started doing more studio recording and have found an issue where when i am doing live studio work with singers and i switch between channels audio or midi, the P4R track will pause briefly and start a new audio file. if there is singing occurring this is an issue it creates a gap in the words.
to restate when i record arm other tracks it stops recording on the P4R track and starts a new audio file each time i record arm different tracks. Not sure if you might have the time to fix that or could recommend any work around or alternative. Either way many thanks! mush love

what a little beauty!


soo sexxy. elegance

Unwanted values getting in the way? Say goodbye to unwanted values, say hello to blublocker.